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What is Your Healthy Weight? NavyFlagshipNews

Is there a “Goldilocks,” ideal weight – not too light, not too heavy, but just right for each of us? And just how much is too light or too heavy? Are you happy with your weight? Oftentimes, carrying extra weight can be a burden, particularly for those serving in the military whose job may demand periods of high exertion. I
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In Praise of Navy Flight Surgeons

During the time I spent on active duty in the Navy, I got to know quite a few flight surgeons.  Each deploying aircraft carrier was assigned a specific Airwing and each Airwing had at least one flight surgeon assigned. The flight surgeons usually had the rank of Lieutenant (O-3) or Lieutenant Commander (O-4), but each was basically a fairly new
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Resilience – Helping PTSD Vets

“PTSD Patients Build Resiliency at Navy Medical OASIS” is the title of a August 9th post   on the Navy Medicine blog site.  OASIS stands for Overcoming Adversity and Stress Injury Support. The blog post discussed the idea of resilience being more of a “state” that a service member is in verses an inherited “trait”.  Also that resilience can be influenced
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Angel Messages

Last night’s NBC nightly news with Brian Williams led off with a story that was uncovered by our local paper, The Virginian Pilot, in Norfolk, Virginia just last Saturday, January 1st.  It was about the current Commanding Officer of the USS Enterprise CVN-65, making inappropriate videos that were aired on the ship’s TV system, while he was the Executive officer
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