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U.S. Healthcare Delivery Systems in Crises – “Escape Fire” Documentary

  Last Sunday night,  March 10th CNN ran “Escape Fire” a documentary shining a light on the current U.S. health care delivery system and why a new approach is required.  As a resident of Virginia Beach, Virginia home of the east coast Navy SEAL teams and of Navy Special Warfare Development Group plus thousands of Navy veterans, I found the
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Removing Fear May Lead to Better Health Outcomes

Why do some individuals recover from injury, illness or surgery more quickly than others?  How does the atmosphere of thought – how and what those around the patient communicate with him or her concerning their condition and their recovery contribute to rapid return to health? At a recent conference called “Patients at the Crossroads – Reconciling Patient-Centered Care, Evidence-Based Practice
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The 400# Gorilla in the Room

When it comes to our current health care delivery system in the U.S.,  the 400# gorilla in the room that few are acknowledging, is that treatment costs are out running the ability of government, employers and individuals  to pay for them. There is lots of talk about the cost of Medicare, but the discussion is usually about the level of
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Questioning Long Held Beliefs about Medical Testing

It’s encouraging when an industry leader in a position of authority takes a public moral stand that contradicts long held medical practices.  As chief medical and scientific officer of the American Cancer Society, Otis Webb Brawley’s recent statements about the lack of efficacy for annual prostate cancer screenings puts him in a position counter to what doctors have been advising
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More light on health care in U.S.

  Yesterday I read a tweet from the respected Roberts Woods Johnson Foundation (@RWJF_Coverage)  titled: “New report finds that people have little faith in U.S. healthcare system and are spending less” . I checked out the link and it was from the healthwatch blog of “The Hill” by Sam Baker.  His opening paragraphs read:    “Americans are deeply pessimistic about the
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Health is So Much More than Medicine

When I was on Capital Hill last month  the Legislative Assistant for Health Care for Senator Mark Warner of Virginia said something that caught my attention.  She said in referring to the Patient Affordability and Care Act of 2010 (Obama Care): “we knew that there were health issues that needed more study and development so we tasked the Institute of
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Health Management…or Healing

This guest post comes from Bob Clark, the spokesman for Christian Science in Florida and includes a healing of diagnosed Alzheimer’s.  Enjoy the post and thanks, Bob. My friend and colleague in Massachusetts, Ken Girard, did it again. He published a blog that made me think. He was talking about what criteria we use to assess the value of different
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Religious Freedom Carries Responsibilities

Tom Krattenmaker reported yesterday in USA Today online Forum that Oregon will soon pass a bill that  “would remove religious conviction as a defense against homicide charges faced by parents who shun medical care for their kids, even at death’s doorstep.”  He goes on to suggest that our national dialogue on the subject of religion and health care focuses too
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“Oh come on Eliot”

The Attorney General (AG) of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli, has made national headlines by filing a case in Federal court challenging Obama Care or the Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act (PACA).  For those of us who are not lawyers, CNN’s new evening program, ParkerSpitzer, gave us an opportunity to hear the Virginia AG and Eliot Spitzer debate the legality of (PACA).
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Lifting Up the Conversation on Healthcare

“Trepidation over the impending impacts of federal healthcare reform was tangible Monday morning during a seminar on the subject held by the Loudon (Virginia) Chamber of Commerce” Leesburg Today online edition 10/25 2:03 PM EDT   This was the lead sentence in an article that included other comments as: “It’s going to cost (the country) well over $1 trillion over the
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