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The 400# Gorilla in the Room

When it comes to our current health care delivery system in the U.S.,  the 400# gorilla in the room that few are acknowledging, is that treatment costs are out running the ability of government, employers and individuals  to pay for them. There is lots of talk about the cost of Medicare, but the discussion is usually about the level of
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Alternatives to traditional health insurance – Two Stories

Can’t afford or choose not to pay the high monthly fees for traditional individual health insurance?    Amy Jeter, the health business reporter for the Virginian Pilot has an article in Saturday’s edition that highlights a small but growing trend to dealing with the high cost of private health insurance policies. According to the article: “In the past few years, the
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States to Determine Essential Health Insurance Benefits

As reported in today’s New York Times, in a surprise move the White House has given states the authority to determine what their essential health insurance benefits will be.  In a bulletin from HHS states have been given categories that will need to be covered, but can choose from benefits of existing major existing plans in their state or from
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