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Speaking with Rev. Doug Smith, Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy

Doug Smith is an activist. As executive director of the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy I got the immediate impression that Doug is a doer.   During our initial conversation on the phone he told me that he was very familiar with Christian Science. That his first job out of college was working at a “startup” firm led and owned by a dynamic Christian Scientist.   He even shared that he had visited the church headquarters in Boston with his boss.  These days as executive director, his focus is on championing issues of the under represented or less fortunate. 

We met in the lobby of the local PBS affiliate (WHRO) in Norfolk, Virginia.  He was visiting to discuss his Center’s child obeisity prevention programs with other groups in Tidewater.  He was about to participate on the air in Kathy Lewis’ radio talk show on the same subject.  This got me to thinking, “as a Christian Scientist, am I taking a stand against child obesity”? As a student of Jesus what parable might he tell to correct and heal this claim that would enshroud children of promise with all kinds of limitations.  We know Jesus loved children – even chiding the disciples when they tried to keep them away from him.  Many uplifting ideas flow as I consider these questions. 

One that I will share now it that surely Jesus would not want us to “walk on by” as two characters did in his parable of the good Samaritan.   Doug Smith is stopping to “bind up wounds” of child obesity in his fashion.  Should we not stop to help in the fashion that our prayers point out?