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The Olympics; Diversity in Sport, Why not in Treatment for Health?

I returned to the States from London last Friday.   When I tell people that I was at the Olympics for a week they want to know what stood out the most.  One highlight for me was witnessing  the breadth of sport and athletes, from Usain Bolt of Jamaica winning the 100m sprint, to the synchronized swimming team from Israel doing
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Fans-Stadium-Athletes=Top Performances

Exploring the link between consciousness, health and athletic performance is what this column is about, and being at the games has given me a lot to write about. That said, Bill Simmons (@sportsguy33), editor and chief of Grantland, who is also here is London wrote a piece in Grantland that captures how the Olympic Stadium design, enthusiastic fans and athletes
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Olympic Stadium by Doug88888

A Moment to Remember in Olympic Stadium – Monday Aug 6th

There have been so many high points during my 8 days at the London Olympics.  Being part of the 80,000 fans who watched the 100m final Sunday night, when Usan Bolt broke away and crushed a field of the world’s fastest runner was awesome.  In that race all but one of the runners (Osafa Powell who pulled up short)  ran
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An Olympic Moment – Guest Post

My friend, Eric Nelson writes a blog for The Washington Times.  While I am at the Olympics cheering on Team U.S.A. please enjoy this great post.  Roger LOS ALTOS, CA, July 29, 2012 – This summer in London an estimated 10,500 athletes from around 200 countries will compete in 26 sports for over 900 bronze, silver, and gold medals. Although
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At The Olympics

Since arriving in London on August 2nd, my son and I have attended two Beach Volleyball events at Horse Guards Venue in Central London, and last night went to Olympic Park to watch Team GB play Australia in basketball. Beach volleyball at Horse Guards is a hoot.  Non-stop entertainment and chatter from the announcer who constantly prods the crowd to
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Train Your Mind as Well as Your Body

Very few of us will ever compete in the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii, but all of us who train to compete or train for fitness can learn something from the pros.  Chrissie Wellington, a four- time world triathlon champion, recently joined the Fit Nation team. Fit Nation is a CNN Health blog challenge that has selected seven CNN viewers to
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After 16 months of putting up fresh content on my blog, in October, 2011 I was asked to work on a special project that dealt with health insurance.  For many years the public’s access to  spiritual non-medical health care has been eroding as more and more health plans moved to a Managed Care business model.   Although four of the eighteen
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9000 Health Apps…and Counting

“Are Health Apps the Cure for Anything that Ails You?” is the title of a post by Rochelle Sharpe in today’s The Health Care Blog . “With about 9,000 consumer health apps currently available in the iTunes store, it seems like almost all smart phone users can download their way to better health these days.” Embedded in this statement is
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More on Placebo Effect

The following post if from my counterpart in Michigan, Bob Cummings.  Enjoy! Explosive! That’s how correspondent Lesley Stahl described it.¹ And a study on the implications it raises for all drug-based therapy would be impossible – or would it? In her recent 60 Minutes report on Placebos, Stahl interviewed Irving Kirsch, Associate Director of the Placebo Studies Program at Harvard Medical School.
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Former Phizer Exec Questions Drug Ads on TV

In the latest issue of Forbes magazine, John LaMatinna, former president of Phizer R&D and a Forbes contributor, writes about apparent conflicts of interest in some drug TV ads, and the understated reality that nobody really needs to hear more about erectile dysfunction while watching the evening news. We all know that there is big money in TV advertising and
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