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Space and Consciousness

“My lab studies how people perceive and reason about space.  Studies include investigations of how our bodies and abilities influence spatial perceptions.  For example, physically fit people see hills as appearing less steep than do unfit people and baseball players see the ball as appearing larger when they are hitting well.  Our research is conducted in outdoor, natural environments, controlled
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Skip the gym – Bond with Batman

The connection between what we think and how our body responds  has once again surfaced in the results of a recent study published this week in  the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology and featured in a blog by Jacque Wilson in Health. From Wilson’s blog “Researchers with the University at Buffalo asked 98 undergraduate males to rate how much
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Olympic Stadium by Doug88888

A Moment to Remember in Olympic Stadium – Monday Aug 6th

There have been so many high points during my 8 days at the London Olympics.  Being part of the 80,000 fans who watched the 100m final Sunday night, when Usan Bolt broke away and crushed a field of the world’s fastest runner was awesome.  In that race all but one of the runners (Osafa Powell who pulled up short)  ran
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Photo by Atlantiquon

An Olympic Moment – Guest Post

My friend, Eric Nelson writes a blog for The Washington Times.  While I am at the Olympics cheering on Team U.S.A. please enjoy this great post.  Roger LOS ALTOS, CA, July 29, 2012 – This summer in London an estimated 10,500 athletes from around 200 countries will compete in 26 sports for over 900 bronze, silver, and gold medals. Although
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Photo by Fran Taylor

At The Olympics

Since arriving in London on August 2nd, my son and I have attended two Beach Volleyball events at Horse Guards Venue in Central London, and last night went to Olympic Park to watch Team GB play Australia in basketball. Beach volleyball at Horse Guards is a hoot.  Non-stop entertainment and chatter from the announcer who constantly prods the crowd to
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