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God’s Love Wins – Boston Marathon April 15th

The following is a guest post from the Rev. Emily C. Heath.  Thanks to Tony Lobl’s tweet and HffPost religion for bringing this to my attention. “I often park on the finish line of the Boston Marathon. 364 days a year it’s just a paint-worn line on the pavement on Boylston Street. It’s right in front of Old South Church,
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Healing with Unconditional Love…and Big Paws

This post was originally posted on February 12, 2012.  It’s worth another shot at the top of my blog list. Helping without judging; breaking up chaos with uncompromising love; unwinding snarls of frustration. Melissa Fay Greene’s in depth account in Sunday’s NYT magazine, of how a service dog named Chancer, connected with a troubled young boy in a way that
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My Life as a Turkey on PBS’s Nature – New meaning of Commitment

My Life as a Turkey, was broadcast on PBS’s Nature program on November 16th.  I came upon it by accident Saturday evening, 11/19 ,  and was blown away by this moving,  gentle documentary.   What I watched was a reenactment documentary of Joe Hutto’s experience of imprinting and raising 16 wild turkeys. The reenactment involved nature photographer and actor Jeff Palmer
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Greater Love Hath No Man…or “die trying”

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”.  Words  spoken two thousand years ago by Jesus to his disciples (John 15:13), as he prepared them for his capture and crucifixion. As I watched the 60 Minutes, David Martin interview with Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Sgt Dakota Meyer tonight these words
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9/11 Recollections

Like so many, I lost a good friend on 9/11.   Bud Flagg, USNR was a senior Captain for American Airlines, but had also risen in the ranks of the U.S. Navy Reserve to Rear Admiral.  In the 90’s I was a senior executive at U.S. Atlantic Fleet and Bud’s mobilization job (if ever called) was to serve as my deputy.
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Post Irene Blessings

Viewing the video of raging rivers in Vermont New York and New Jersey: hearing the latest stats on homes awaiting power service, how can I write about Irene’s blessings? My heart goes out to those who are still in the middle of clean up, but I cannot help bearing witness to these blessings this week, here in Virginia Beach. Since
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“Sheep, Sheep Dogs and Wolves”

Living in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the tragic loss of thirty Americans and a military service dog reminds us of the commitment, dedication and selflessness of our Navy SEALs, Army Rangers and Air Force spec war air crews. Twenty two of the thirty were from SEAL Team Six, based in Virginia Beach.  Many are our neighbors and friends.  We don’t ask
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Eulegy for Clarence from the Boss

“Clarence doesn’t leave the E Street Band when he dies. He leaves when we die.” In his own words, the Boss expresses his love for this Virginia (Chesapeake) native, Clarence Clemons.  Thanks to @HuffPostEnt for the tweet on this. “From the first time I saw my pal striding out of the shadows of a half empty bar in Asbury Park,
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Abraham Lincoln - fm Wikipedia

Abraham Lincoln…who?

In the latest scores of the National Assessment of Educational Progress, only 12% of U.S. high school seniors are proficient in U.S. history and only 9% of 4th graders could identify Abraham Lincoln (The Christian Science Monitor)  It appears that the focus on math, science and reading has left history in the dust bin. I see this in my own work
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Memorial Day Message

It’s a beautiful day  in Virginia Beach.  A gentle southeast breeze off the cool water promises the perfect day for beach goers on this Memorial Day holiday, May 30th 2011.  Lest we forget why we have a federal holiday today, I am sharing this video message from our Secretary of Defense, Bob Gates.   He carries the burden of sending troops into
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