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Space and Consciousness

“My lab studies how people perceive and reason about space.  Studies include investigations of how our bodies and abilities influence spatial perceptions.  For example, physically fit people see hills as appearing less steep than do unfit people and baseball players see the ball as appearing larger when they are hitting well.  Our research is conducted in outdoor, natural environments, controlled
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Fans-Stadium-Athletes=Top Performances

Exploring the link between consciousness, health and athletic performance is what this column is about, and being at the games has given me a lot to write about. That said, Bill Simmons (@sportsguy33), editor and chief of Grantland, who is also here is London wrote a piece in Grantland that captures how the Olympic Stadium design, enthusiastic fans and athletes
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Train Your Mind as Well as Your Body

Very few of us will ever compete in the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii, but all of us who train to compete or train for fitness can learn something from the pros.  Chrissie Wellington, a four- time world triathlon champion, recently joined the Fit Nation team. Fit Nation is a CNN Health blog challenge that has selected seven CNN viewers to
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