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About this blog    Looking to share ideas about the relationship between health and consciousness.  As I write this update, I have the 2012 Olympics on the TV.  Anyone who competes in individual sports realizes the importance of thought to performance.  Some describe it in terms of visualization (the high jumper who see herself clearing the bar,as she readies to make he jump), others like World Tri champ Chrissie Wellington talks about actively training her mind to deal with pain or stress during a long race.  As a life long student of prayer-based health care, I have had ample opportunities to prove what I am learning.   In this blog I will be drawing upon my experiences in the Navy, in working in the Pentagon, as a Financial Planner and a Masters athlete.

About Roger Whiteway   Dad and husband.  Dog lover,  (currently training a Super Charged  Aussie Doogle, named Pepper, life-long athlete -swimming, track – pole vault, 200m, 400m, cyclist, Tri athlete.   Currently serving as spokesperson for Christian Science in Virginia.  Available 24/7 taking calls from those who request help through prayer.

7 Responses to “About”

  1. Bill Scott says:

    Hi Roger:

    I like your new blog, appreciate your work and hope to meet you sometime.
    All the best,

    Bill Scott

  2. Bill & KathieTruxall says:

    I went to utube/christianscience and frankly was apalled at what was there. If this is what we want our children to associate with CS, I’m glad they are out of the house! Is this something you let others view without comment? I think I need a hand!

  3. Chris Bordeaux says:


    I printed out all pages of your home page for my quarterly business meeting to share bits and pieces with the members. Many are older and will likely not ever visit your website. I think there is some value in your website and I appreciate the time and effort you have taken to respond to numerous articles especially that point to the need for a more spiritual approach to healing. Case in point is the articles on the placebo affect.

  4. One year later. Wow what a difference in your website. Well don. You have redefined fresh! I love your fit approach to applying the Christ Truth to everyday 2013 activities. Thank you for keeping it fresh and fit. I hope everyone visits your website and reads all the articles.

  5. [...] of our troops today, I am grateful to share this insightful post written by my colleague, Roger Whiteway for Fit Virginia: A Conscious Approach to Physical Fitness and [...]

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