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God’s Love Wins – Boston Marathon April 15th

The following is a guest post from the Rev. Emily C. Heath.  Thanks to Tony Lobl’s tweet and HffPost religion for bringing this to my attention. “I often park on the finish line of the Boston Marathon. 364 days a year it’s just a paint-worn line on the pavement on Boylston Street. It’s right in front of Old South Church,
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Space and Consciousness

“My lab studies how people perceive and reason about space.  Studies include investigations of how our bodies and abilities influence spatial perceptions.  For example, physically fit people see hills as appearing less steep than do unfit people and baseball players see the ball as appearing larger when they are hitting well.  Our research is conducted in outdoor, natural environments, controlled
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U.S. Healthcare Delivery Systems in Crises – “Escape Fire” Documentary

  Last Sunday night,  March 10th CNN ran “Escape Fire” a documentary shining a light on the current U.S. health care delivery system and why a new approach is required.  As a resident of Virginia Beach, Virginia home of the east coast Navy SEAL teams and of Navy Special Warfare Development Group plus thousands of Navy veterans, I found the
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Healing with Unconditional Love…and Big Paws

This post was originally posted on February 12, 2012.  It’s worth another shot at the top of my blog list. Helping without judging; breaking up chaos with uncompromising love; unwinding snarls of frustration. Melissa Fay Greene’s in depth account in Sunday’s NYT magazine, of how a service dog named Chancer, connected with a troubled young boy in a way that
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What is Your Healthy Weight? NavyFlagshipNews

Is there a “Goldilocks,” ideal weight – not too light, not too heavy, but just right for each of us? And just how much is too light or too heavy? Are you happy with your weight? Oftentimes, carrying extra weight can be a burden, particularly for those serving in the military whose job may demand periods of high exertion. I
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Removing Fear May Lead to Better Health Outcomes

Why do some individuals recover from injury, illness or surgery more quickly than others?  How does the atmosphere of thought – how and what those around the patient communicate with him or her concerning their condition and their recovery contribute to rapid return to health? At a recent conference called “Patients at the Crossroads – Reconciling Patient-Centered Care, Evidence-Based Practice
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Where Does Consciousness Reside?

What happens after I die?  On October 23rd, a book by neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander of Lynchburg Virginia, titled “Proof of Heaven” will give one doctor’s personal experience being conscious while in a medically confirmed coma for seven days. After seven days at the Lynchburg General Hospital in 2008, while “doctors weighed whether to discontinue treatment, my eyes popped open”.  
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Skip the gym – Bond with Batman

The connection between what we think and how our body responds  has once again surfaced in the results of a recent study published this week in  the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology and featured in a blog by Jacque Wilson in Health. From Wilson’s blog “Researchers with the University at Buffalo asked 98 undergraduate males to rate how much
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The 400# Gorilla in the Room

When it comes to our current health care delivery system in the U.S.,  the 400# gorilla in the room that few are acknowledging, is that treatment costs are out running the ability of government, employers and individuals  to pay for them. There is lots of talk about the cost of Medicare, but the discussion is usually about the level of
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High Tech & High Touch – New Trends in Health Care

Last Friday, Mark Bertolini, the Chairman, President and CEO of Aetna Inc., was on CNBC Squawk Box explaining Aetna’s  innovative approach to dealing with health plan members  who have chronic diseases.   Bertolini said: for those with chronic disease we use “ high tech / high touch”. An example of high tech is blue tooth technology built into a bathroom scale,
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